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Parshall Flumes

Our Parshall Flumes are designed for heavy snow load and long life. All of our flumes are made out of steel plate, 12"-48" flumes are made out of 1/8" steel plate. Any flume over 60"is made out of 3/16" steel plate. They are made to any size that may fit your irrigation ditch. Take a look at the size and price box to see what flume would best fit your irrigation ditch needs. All flumes are painted, headwalls can be added for $260 per headwall on the 24" flumes and $300 per headwall for the 36" flumes. Flumes come with a staff gauge. Delivery is free within 150 miles of Encampment WY, depending on how many flumes being delivered to the area. Delivery can be negotiated. Call with any questions about finding the proper irrigation structure to fit your needs. 

Cutthroat Flumes

Cutthroat Flumes are made out of the same 1/8" steel plate as the Parshall Flumes. Cutthroat Flumes have a flat bottom and can be used in submerged applications. You need to check with your water commissioners to ensure they accept this design in your area. Call with any questions and pricing on these cutthroat flumes, they can be fabricated into many different sizes.

3-Point Hitches

Our 3-Point Hitches are perfect for agriculture work of any kind. These hitches allow you to pull any type of trailer with a tractor. They are $300.00 a piece and made out of 3x3x1/4" square tubing and painted when finished. Call with any questions you may have.

Heavy Duty Bale Unroller

Fabricated with heavy gauge structure tubing to withstand today's heavy round bales. All moving parts are greasable main frame is 4"x6" rectangular tubing and arms are 3"x6" rectangular tubing. The price for the unroller is $1,560.00 includes the cylinder and fittings.

 Flume Prices        (Prices Include Paint & Delivery)

Size        Max C.F.S.        Price

9"x12"            3.07         $578.50

12"x12"            4            $975.00

12”x24”        11.49         $1,115.0​​0**

18”x24”        17.42         $1,587.00**

24”x24”       23.42          $1,830.0**

30”x24”       29.46          $2,315.00​

36”x24”       35.53          $2,780.00

48”x24”       40.76      $3,710.00

60”x24”       60.08         $4,633.00

72”x24”        72.48         $5,562.00

84”x24”       84.93         $6,463.00

96”x24”       97.44         $7,421.00

30”x36”        55.42    ​      $2,524.00

36”x36”        67.05          $3,030.00

48”x36”        90.56          $4,047.00

60”x36”       114.34         $5,048.00

72”x36”        138.35        $6,063.00

84”x36”        162.55        $7,072.00

96”x36”       186.91         $8,080.00

**Freight will be extra on smaller flumes, unless we can deliver 4 or more.

Extra Staff Gauges: $60.00

Still Well Port: $50.00

Headwalls $260.00 extra each for 24" flume and $300 per headwall on the 36" flume.